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Arm And Wrist Pain

Arm And Wrist PainSince chiropractic care involves treating the cause of pain and improving mobility, Dr.Christopher Cordima will use adjustments and physical therapy exercises to help reduce inflammation, ease the pain, and strengthen the overall structure of your arm/wrist to prevent further injury. In the case of severe injury or stress, you might need to avoid using your wrist for several days and ease slowly into the rehabilitation process. Your recovery process might also include ice or heat therapy. In the long term, chiropractic care is a safe and effective option for monitoring and treating arm/wrist pain that is not responding to other treatment methods. The chiropractic approach to shoulder and hand problems, or any health problem is to analyze your spine to locate and correct a serious nerve-damaging spinal condition called the vertebral subluxation complex. This vertebral subluxation complex is a misalignment of your spinal bones that puts stress on your nerves, bones, ligaments, discs, tendons, muscles, tissues and internal organs. Dr.Cordima of The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic is specially trained to locate and correct vertebral subluxations and once adjustments are made to correct these subluxations, pressure will be released and the healthy flow of nerve impulses will be restored. Pain and other symptoms often disappear entirely.

Arm And Wrist Pain