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Is It Really A Simple Spinal Sprain

We want to educate you on what a spinal sprain is and WHY is it critical that you get under the care of a doctor who understands how to test for, document, and effectively treat the spinal ligament injuries. Unless you think a life or chronic pain, or poor health is ideal for you, a loved one or anyone else that you may know, we really hope you take this section to heart!

A spinal sprain is an injury to the ligaments which are the tough straps that hold the spinal motion units (2 or more vertebra) together. 

The spinal ligaments are one of the most important tissues in the spine. When you injure them they can cause pain and muscle dysfunction which further destabilizes the spine. They allow the vertebra to misalign so as to cause pressure on the spinal cord, spinal nerve or just simply cause pain that may never go completely away!

Most doctors who treat these types of injuries do not know what the actual lesion is that is consistent with this type of injury! They do not know what it looks like! They do not know how to properly image it through diagnostic imaging and hence do not know how to properly determine the location and the severity of this lesion and they do not know how to document it properly in case you are in a medical- legal situation.

We do not want you to believe this only because we say it. We want you to experience the truth for yourself. If you are treating currently for this kind of injury, whether hurt in a car collision, work accident etc... has the doctor you’re treating with assessed your spinal ligaments for damage? What was the severity and location of the spinal ligament damage? You are probably saying my doctor never did any kind of assessment for ligament damage with my x-rays? That would be so common. Now to take this a step further ask anyone that you know of that has had a spine injury and ask them if they have had their ligaments tested and you probably will come up with the same answer, which is no. If they or you have some form of chronic spinal pain, the most common source is the ligament damage itself. Make sure you treat with a doctor that understands how to test for spinal ligament damage utilizing CRMA procedure, as your current and future health may entirely depend upon it. 

When a person is in an “Auto Collision” the spinal ligaments get sheared and there is a lesion left behind that should be assessed for location and severity!