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Arm Pain Numbness

Arm Pain NumbnessOne of the more common symptoms that bring people to a chiropractic office is numbness and pain down the arm. Neck pain is often associated with this as well. Many believe that it is a circulation problem; similar to when you fall asleep on your arm and after awhile you feel the “pins and needles” sensation down the arm. This however is not the case. Many probably wish they could just “shake it off” but it is not possible. The real cause behind the issue is irritation to the nerves that travel down the arm. First, our physical exam will help determine the areas of the spine that seem to have lost normal motion, as well as any areas that could be compensating for the problem. Lastly, we will take X-rays of your spine to determine the extent of the problem. From there we will have a customized treatment plan for you to get you back living the numbness-free life you deserve. Call today to begin your treatment!

Arm Pain Numbness