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Weight Loss Reduces Knee Pain

Excessive weight is hard on all of the joints in the body and weight loss is known to reduce chronic back pain issues. The knees, however, are of particular concern with excessive weight. A recent study explored the effects of massive weight loss via gastric bypass on chronic knee pain.

The study objective was to explore how massive weight loss would affect knee pain and disability, low-grade inflammation and metabolic status and joint biomarkers. The study included 140 gastric bypass patients with knee osteoarthritis. Prior to surgery, various tests were done to evaluate degree of knee pain and disability, overall health and various joint biomarkers such as cartilage turnover.

Insulin and insulin resistance decreased at 6 months following the surgery as well as knee pain and disability. Cartilage turnover improved as well with an increase in markers that indicate cartilage synthesis and a decrease in markers that indicate the break-down of cartilage.

Researchers concluded that massive weight loss is capable of decreasing pain, improving function and decreasing inflammation. The weight loss may have a structural effect on cartilage given the joint biomarker findings in the study.

Chiropractic treatment plans include measures that will help improve health as well as decrease any obstacles to better health, less pain and better quality of life. Weight loss and nutritional supplements are just one of the many issues your chiropractor can help you address.


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