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Car Accidents Injuries Somerville

Car Accidents Injuries SomervilleIf you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you probably have a lot of questions. You may wonder how common your type of injury is, and whether it’s worth pursuing a claim. Your injury may seem minor, or your pain or symptoms may have started a little while after the crash, and you might think your pain will just go away on its own. A number of the types of injuries we commonly see in people who have been in accidents aren’t immediately apparent right after the collision. It may take days for your neck or back to start to hurt, even though the damage was caused by the collision. And if not treated, many types of injuries will just get worse and cause other problems for you. You could find that something that starts as a twinge in your back becomes a pain that radiates down your arm or leg and affects your range of motion and ability to perform everyday tasks. This is where Dr.Christopher Cordima comes in. At The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, Dr.Cordima specializes in treating auto accident injuries. Unlike doctors of other specialties who may only be able to offer painkillers or surgery to mediate your issues, doctors of chiropractic offer you a variety of pain and injury treatment options to get you feeling great again. Call The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic today!

Car Accidents Injuries Somerville