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Find A Chiropractor SomervilleSince 1988, Dr. Christopher Cordima of The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Somerville, MA has helped thousands of patients all over Massachusetts live active, comfortable, pain-free lives. Aside from his years of experience, he regularly stays abreast of current educational and medical advancements. He is a qualified Chiropractor and is a firm believer in advanced, drug-free pain relief for his patients. His strong commitment to natural health care and healing includes traditional Chiropractic as well as utilizing advanced state-of-the-art medical technologies. Here at The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we are dedicated to the very best integrated approach to healthcare by providing high-quality personalized attention to our patients’ health and recovery process. The relationships Dr.Cordima establishes with his patients is one like no other. Call today or visit our clinic in Somerville, MA!

Find A Chiropractor Somerville