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Golf Related Pain Ma

If you play golf, then you know that your hip mobility and lower back flexibility is an important part of your swing. This can make pain in this area extra troublesome, potentially causing you to give up the one and only sport you love. Well, you don't even have to consider such drastic measures, because chiropractic is often able to relieve hip-related pain and back-related pain so you can go out on the course and get in your desired nine or eighteen holes. At The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, Dr.Christopher Cordima works with many different kinds of athletes, including golfers, and our success with keeping you on the course is backed up by the scientific literature. If there is any one sport where players would benefit from a program of regular chiropractic care, it would have to be golf. Golfers are taught to keep their head and lower body still, right foot flat, and to “torque” their bodies at the waist, winding up back tension like a rubber band. This torque and release puts extreme tension on the lower back and eventually causes lower back discomfort or even lower back muscle, ligament, tendon or spinal disc injury. Chiropractic care offers golfers the potential for relief from lower back pain without relying on harmful pain medication or invasive unreliable surgery. If you play golf regularly and are experiencing lower back issues such as stiffness or pain, you need to see a chiropractor that is experienced and knowledgeable about chiropractic treatments for golfers. Even if you are not currently having negative lower back symptoms, chiropractic can loosen up tight lower back muscles, tendons, and ligaments and increase your lower back flexibility. This could have the positive benefit of helping you hit the ball straighter and farther.

Golf Related PainGolf Related Pain Ma