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Heating Pad For Back Pain Somerville

Heating Pad For Back Pain SomervilleHeating pads can increase blood flow. They help with relaxation and pain reduction. Heating pads can be useful for general aches and pains, they may also help heal damaged tissue because heating pads improve circulation. However, heating pads should not be used on areas that are bruised or swollen, they also cannot be used on open wounds. Talk to Dr.Christopher Cordima about the right way to use heating pads. In general, ice packs are better for acute pain, and heating pads work better for chronic pain. However, your case may be unique and may require a different approach. Talk to The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic to determine the right option before using an ice pack or heating pad. Although ice packs and heating pads can offer temporary relief, they are not long-term solutions. Regular visits to the chiropractor are a better choice. You can receive specific treatments and home instructions that reduce the pain. If you are still confused about ice packs or heating pads, visit The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic for help. Dr.Cordima offers personalized care plans and can answer questions about pain relief.

Heating Pad For Back Pain Somerville