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Motorcycle Injury Treatment Somerville

Motorcycle Injury Treatment SomervilleMotorcycle accidents are very different from car accidents because of how exposed a rider is during a crash. Motorcycles lack the protective elements of a motor vehicle, which increases the risk of injury. When a motorcyclist decides not to wear a helmet, they are also increasing their risk of serious trauma. Even if a rider is experienced and wearing all the best safety gear, the risk of injury is still much higher than it would be in a traditional vehicle. A chiropractor can help motorcyclists get back on the bike as soon as possible with a customized treatment plan. Injuries to the legs or feet, such as sprains and strains, road rash, and fracture, are common during a motorcycle wreck. According to the Centers for Disease Control’s study on non-fatal motorcycle injuries, the injuries to the legs and feet were most common. The spine and muscles are prone to injury in the event of a crash. Motorcyclists may suffer a fracture, herniated or slipped disc, spinal misalignment, and more. Dr.Christopher Cordima uses various chiropractic treatments to help with your back pain and injuries. Whiplash can occur even at the lowest speeds. Riders involved in an accident should always receive medical treatment to determine if they have whiplash or other injuries. Recovering from whiplash can take several months, but chiropractic care for whiplash can help you increase your range of motion and reduce pain.

Motorcycle Injury Treatment Somerville