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Muscle Injury Somerville MA

Muscle pain can result from any number of triggering events. You can pull or strain a muscle while exercising, during a sports activity, while performing manual labor or as the result of an accident or other trauma. The muscle pain may be felt immediately after the event or it may appear hours or even days later. Muscle injuries can be slow to heal when they are not treated properly. Many patients will resort to taking over-the-counter medication to combat any pain or discomfort for a mild to severe muscle injury. This may be OK for a mild injury, but moderate to severe muscle injuries will require a more targeted treatment. Scientific studies have found that muscle pain can often be attributed to trigger points. Trigger Points are small knots that form in the tissue that covers your muscles. These knots that form in your tissue may not be perceptible to the untrained hand. But they can cause a great deal of muscle pain and discomfort if not treated properly. Muscle pain can be relieved by locating and treating your trigger points. Through our detailed medical assessment, Dr.Cordima can locate and treat any trigger points in your muscle injury that are causing you pain and discomfort. At The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, our goal is to help treat each patient for their muscle injury and pain with the most modern medical approach. That means that we are using better, modern methods instead of older treatments that only worked halfway. Our medical team will assess your specific needs and create a customized care plan to heal your muscle injury. 

Muscle Injury Somerville MA