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Neck Injury From Car Accident Somerville

Neck Injury From Car Accident SomervilleIt is not possible to resolve neck pain without finding the source of the pain in the first place. The chiropractic team at The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic utilizes a diverse set of methods to hone in on the cause of your discomfort. This approach allows us to better treat the patients who visit our office. Letting neck pain and misalignments of the spine linger is a mistake. Most individuals push through the pain with the hope that it will eventually subside on its own. A majority of the time the pain will subside. However, the underlying issue will remain and lead to recurring pain. By ignoring pain and a misaligned spine, an individual opens themselves up to more dangerous injuries that require more invasive procedures to correct. Dr.Christopher Cordima performs a thorough spinal evaluation, utilizing X-rays, state-of-the-art technology, and specialized chiropractic evaluation techniques to get a complete look not only at your neck but your entire spine and nerve network. Dr.Cordima will create a customized treatment plan for your neck pain, including the best chiropractic care principles such as gentle physical exercise, therapeutic massage, laser therapy, decompression, etc.These techniques provide quick relief for your neck pain and discomfort. Aside from treating neck pain, Dr.Cordima also treats whiplash which can be caused by an accident. Call The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic today! 



Neck Injury From Car Accident Somerville