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Scoliosis Clinic Somerville

Scoliosis Clinic SomervilleScoliosis is a condition marked by a sideways curvature of the spine. Its exact cause is unknown, but it typically occurs during a child’s pre-pubescent growth spurt. Scoliosis is also more common in girls and may be hereditary. While scoliosis cases are usually mild, they can develop into spinal deformities that worsen with age. In extreme cases, scoliosis can be disabling, and the lungs are unable to function correctly. Scoliosis can lead to heart and lung damage as well as chronic back pain. Scoliosis is a chronic condition, which means it's incurable. But chiropractic care can manage it. During your initial physical exam, Dr.Christopher Cordima takes digital X-rays to document the curvature of your spine. He also assesses your flexibility, to see how your brain communicates with your body, and your commitment to managing your scoliosis. Using specialized chiropractic techniques explicitly developed for scoliosis care, Dr.Cordima focuses on repositioning your joints instead of working to release joints that are restricted. Repositioning your joints is an extensive process that involves muscle relaxation and brain retraining. Your brain has to stop using your muscles and spinal joints the way it had been and learn how to use them in their new placement.

Scoliosis Clinic Somerville