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Shoulder Pain Chiropractor Somerville

Shoulder Pain Chiropractor SomervilleAnything from a car accident, or a chronic problem like arthritis, can cause shoulder pain. Symptoms of shoulder pain include shoulder pain that persists (even while you are at rest), pain that lasts more than one or two days, twinges or aches in the shoulder and shoulder area, and decreased functioning of the arm. Chiropractors will usually examine the patient’s neck area because this could be what is causing the shoulder pain. It can normally be treated with non-invasive, natural healing methods like gentle manipulations, stretching and strengthening exercises. Although shoulder pain is most commonly caused by an injury to the shoulder or a condition that directly affects it, it’s possible for shoulder pain to begin with a problem in your neck. You have 8 nerves that begin in your cervical spine and run down into your shoulders. If a neck injury or other problem causes any of these nerves to become compressed or irritated, it can cause pain that radiates down into your shoulder and possibly down into your arm or hand. Dr.Christopher Cordima will perform a thorough spinal evaluation, utilizing X-rays, state-of-the-art technology, and specialized chiropractic evaluation techniques to get a complete look not only at your neck but your entire spine and nerve network. Dr.Cordima will create a customized treatment plan for your shoulder pain, including the best chiropractic care principles such as gentle physical exercise, therapeutic massage, laser therapy, decompression, etc. These techniques provide quick relief for your shoulder pain and discomfort.

Shoulder Pain Chiropractor Somerville