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Tension Headaches Somerville

Tension Headaches SomervilleTension headaches are characterized by a feeling of pressure around the forehead or other areas around the back of your head and/or neck. Many people associate these same feelings with a tight or dull pain feeling in these regions around the head. Sometimes referred to as a “stress headache,” a tension headache is fairly common for most adults. The causes for a tension headache is far reaching. In other words, there’s no single cause of a tension headache, but they get their secondary name “stress headache” for a reason. Most episodic headaches can be caused by some significantly stressful event (e.g., relationships, work, family situations, etc.), but if not taken care of can develop into more severe chronic headaches. When dealing with tension headache, stress headache, or migraine, most people default to at-home remedies to overcome the pain. While these remedies can help to dull the pain, you can get more specialized treatment to help you overcome the tension headache and reduce the likelihood frequency of future headaches. This is done with the help of a headache chiropractor, which our team at The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic can help to put you in touch with. A tension headache chiropractor provides specialized chiropractor headache relief through a variety of treatment options. One common form of treatment is through spinal manipulation, by carefully applying pressure to various areas around the spine that can impact the source of the tension headache.

Tension Headaches Somerville