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I was experiencing pain and restricted mobility; after the first week I noticed an increase in mobility and a decrease in pain.  The results continue to be positive as sessions progress.  KP, 2/14

The staff at Cordima Chiropractic are friendly and professional.  The doctors are thorough and concise.  The exam was detailed and all inclusive and the treatments provided relief of my lower back pain.  i have recommended and will continue to recommend Cordima Chiropractic to friends and family.  SN, 2/14

I can't say enough good things about this practice.  From the moment you walk in the door you receive genuine and thorough care.  I came to them in constant pain and unable to fulfill my daily activities.  Now I jog to my appointments!  TF, 1/13

This is the most welcoming office I have ever been in.  The competant staff have helped me heal from chronic pain and helped me heal from the trauma of a car accident.  I recommend them hightly.  CE, Jan 2013

I was involved in a car accident and I was hit from behind.  I was in severe pain.  After taking strong pain medication and muscle relaxers with very little relief, I was told by my PCP to see a chiropractor.  I was treated by Dr. Cordima many years ago, so when I returned to him I was seen by his assoc. Dr. Lynda Doricent... she is excellent.  I was able to return to work without a lot of medication and a lot less pain.  The entire staff is very friendly and kind from the time you walk in you are greated and made to feel welcome.  I am grateful that I have found kindness and relief here.  Thank you...KN, Jan 2013

When I first came her I could barely move.  Coming here gave me my freedom of movement back.  It gave me my life back.  MM, Feb 2014