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Upper Neck Pain

Upper Neck PainIt is pretty common to wake up in the morning with a stiff neck. It happens. You slept weird on a pillow. You worked extra hard that day. You strained your neck/back while lifting something heavy. Neck pain happens for a variety of reasons, and when it does happen, it is certainly no picnic. Because of the amount of use our necks get, pain in this area can really get in the way. Getting chiropractic care is a great treatment option as well as a preventative measure. Chiropractors are able to keep the spine in proper alignment which can eliminate aches and pains and keep the entire spine, including the neck, in optimal health. Ongoing care can then help to keep the spine healthy, which may help to prevent further aches and pains in the future. Chiropractic care is a great treatment option for neck pain and stiffness. It’s completely safe and noninvasive, and there are no adverse side effects. If the muscles in your neck/back are strained, this may cause your spine to become misaligned. A misaligned spine can’t support the neck, and the lack of support can cause even more muscle strain. Chiropractic care ends this vicious cycle by realigning the spine, which will provide more support for your head and neck.

Upper Neck Pain