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Whiplash Auto Injury APRC

What is whiplash?

 Whiplash is neck strain, typically associated with car accidents, as well as any blow or impact that causes a forward or backward jerking motion. This sudden movement tears and stretches the tendons and muscles in the neck.

Why do I have whiplash?

If you live an active lifestyle or are the victim of an accident, you may be prone to severe neck strain and whiplash.

 If you’ve been involved in a recent car accident chances are that you may have been injured.  Pain after an accident can occur instantly or could even take weeks to reveal itself.  Timely treatment following any injury is paramount to regaining your health and returning to your pre-injury status.

 The lack of treatment, poor or improper treatment may mean that it will take longer to correct, be more difficult to treat, cost more money and ultimately cause you to suffer longer.

Symptoms of whiplash include:

• Pain
• Tenderness
• Decreased range of motion
• Tightness in the neck
• Hard, knotted muscles
• Headaches, usually near the base of the skull radiating towards the forehead

 Take action now

 If you have been injured as a result of a Personal Injury Accident, Auto Accident, Car Crash, Slip or Fall, we can help. Call Dr. Cordima now for answers to your Accident Injury questions and to schedule you for a free consultation.

 With over 30 years of experience treating Accident Injuries, The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic knows how to help you. They will design a personalized treatment program to help you recover from your injuries.


 See a Doctor immediately or lose $8,000 in PIP benefits

 Massachusetts PIP law provides you with $8,000 of coverage for medical expenses if you have been injured in an accident (even if you are at fault), however, if you don't see a doctor in a timely fashion after your accident you may lose your benefits. Our accident injury doctors will provide you with the best treatment for your injuries and we will help you file all the necessary paperwork to protect the benefits you are entitled to.

 Did you know that most Auto Accident Insurance Insurance will cover 100% of the cost of care? Our Insurance Department will be glad to coordinate benefits with the responsible party’s insurance carrier or your attorney. This allows us to treat most injuries with No Out Of Pocket Expense.

 Additionally, you do not need health insurance to get immediate treatment. Under Massachusetts law, drivers must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance which covers your medical treatment if you’ve been involved in an auto accident even if you were at fault.

 All auto insurance in Massachusetts covers chiropractic care for injuries due to a car accident.  Dr. Christopher Cordima is an insurance provider of chiropractic services in Massachusetts.

No Medical referral is necessary.
No Pre-Approval is necessary.
Medical treatment benefits are available, even if you’re at fault.
Treatment is usually covered at 100%*

 *Some exclusions may apply; ie. work injury, no permission to drive, OUI

How ReliefCare is Used for Whiplash

​ReliefCare is a non-surgical, drug-free, fast-acting protocol that has been developed and mastered for over 30 years by Dr. Christopher Cordima. ReliefCare is a scientific approach that combines FDA cleared technologies and state-of-the-art therapies which together provides a cumulative effect that increases the healing mechanism within the body.

 ReliefCare uses innovative FDA approved technologies that addresses three key areas to help achieve long-lasting pain relief:

 ​ReliefCare treats the source of the whiplash pain to achieve relief as fast as possible.

ReliefCare helps to reduce chronic inflammation which in turn improves the immune system and enhances the mitochondrial energy which our cells need to fight off the risk of disease.
ReliefCare restores function so the body can heal properly and fight against disease-related conditions that cause whiplash pain.

What Types of Therapies are Used in ReliefCare?

​It’s extremely difficult to explain medical therapies and services via the internet or over the phone versus in-person. As always, we would like you to call (617) 629-2600 and make an appointment for your first consultation. From there, we can meet, explain and show you the different ReliefCare therapies being used by our patients today.