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Whiplash Accident Injury Clinic Somerville

Whiplash Accident Injury Clinic SomervilleWhiplash is the everyday name for a serious injury caused when the head makes a jolting backward, forward, or sideways snapping movement in an auto accident. Experts have estimated that three in five bodily injury claims involve whiplash. Many accident victims suffer temporary neck and back pain that eventually goes away. However, it is important to make an appointment with Dr.Christopher Cordima right away so your injury is treated to prevent future damage and pain as the effect of your injuries return weeks or months down the line. Whiplash symptoms include blurred vision, chewing or swallowing difficulty, disturbed sense of smell, dizziness, fatigue, headache, insomnia, jaw or face pain, muscle weakness, nausea, psychological problems, or ringing in the ears. If left untreated, minor whiplash injuries can manifest into bigger health problems and pain. Call The Advanced Pain Relief Clinic today to start your pain-free journey. 

Whiplash Accident Injury Clinic Somerville