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Dr. Christopher Cordima
Non-Surgical Non-Invasive Care For Severe Chronic & Acute Conditions

[Dr. Christopher Cordima]

Since 1988 I have helped over 6,000 patients get out of pain and regain their health. I have dedicated my life to helping people get out of pain, stabilize their condition and teach them good health habits. 

Whether you have acute pain, trauma from a car accident, sports injuries, ligamentous damage or chronic pain I have a number of treatment procedures and protocols that are designed for long lasting pain relief and corrective care.

My practice utilizes the latest healthcare technologies that gets you out of pain faster, and helps to give you long lasting RESULTS!

I offer non-surgical advanced technology to get rid of your chronic pain.  My comprehensive non-invasive drug-free approach combines FDA cleared new technology with proven therapies that together provide long lasting pain relief and promotes healing