When Should You See a Chiropractor?

You may know it's good to see a chiropractor after an auto accident or sports injury, but there are plenty of other moments when a visit to a chiropractor could keep you from keeling over in pain. In a previous blog post, we wrote that going to your Somerville chiropractor after a dental appointment, after a hair salon appointment and when you’re first feeling signs and symptoms of a cold or flu were important times to re-align your vertebrae. Here are additional times you might not consider going, but could still make a difference:

Go to the Chiropractor After You Slip or Fall

Slipping and falling jars your spine and all the muscles surrounding it. It’s easy to end up with a spinal misalignment. You’ll find that you needed the…

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Studies Show Every Athlete Can Benefit from Chiropractic

If you're an athlete you may have teammates or friends who regularly rave about chiropractic care. But why would you need to see a chiropractor if you're not suffering from some type of sports injury or spinal pain?

One reason: improved athletic performance.

In one 2012 study of 18 competitive judo athletes who participated in national level judo tournaments, the researchers compared chiropractic care to a sham treatment. Right before the chiropractic manipulation and immediately after, grip strength was tested to see if there were changes in the muscles via the nervous system interconnections.

There was a significant difference in the grip strengths of the two groups. The judo athletes who received the chiropractic increased their…

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Football Helmets of the Future to Decrease Risk of Sports Injury

All sports equipment is designed to prevent sports injury, right? For the most part, this is true. Sports equipment companies are constantly trying to improve their safety equipment so that the risk of sports injury is low in those who wear or use their products.

In one study at the University of Hawaii at the John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu and at the Emergency Department at the Medical Center for Women & Children, also in Honolulu, researchers put their heads together and tested out a new idea on how to prevent a sports injury from occurring to the head in football.

They apparently had been seeing quite a few patients come into the health centers for treatment of head injuries during football because the goal of their…

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How Seat Belts Impact Auto Injury

New research reveals how seat belts can impact your risk of injury in a car accident. To find out more about fighting auto injuries, don't hesitate to ask your Somerville chiropractor, Dr. Cordima.  

Orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons at the Medical College of Wisconsin are like others at hospitals in any other part of the U.S. They diagnose a lot of patients who have an auto injury that affects the spine.

So when they wanted to get a broader perspective on the patterns of auto injuries across the country, they knew where to look: the Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network database, where thousands of car accident cases are entered every year.

The Wisconsin doctors analyzed the medical records of 4,572 patients who were…

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3 Surprisingly Crucial Times to See a Chiropractor

Most people associate a trip to their chiropractor with back pain or neck pain. However, there are other times when seeing your Somerville chiropractor is recommended. Here are a few:

When You First Develop Cold or Flu Signs, Go to the Chiropractor

The manipulations that a chiropractor does will strengthen the nervous system connections to the rest of your body. One of these connections goes to the immune system. Many patients notice that when they feel the first signs and symptoms of the common cold or flu, their neck also feels stiff. Because they have been to their chiropractor before, they know the feeling when the vertebrae are “stuck” or misaligned. Once they receive a chiropractic manipulation to the cervical spine, they…

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