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Dont wait for a sports injury somerville ma

If you’re an athlete, you know missed practice time decreases performance later when it matters the most. You never want to be on the bench while you wait for a sports injury to heal. You want to be on the playing field with nothing to stop you.

A study of 19 different high school sports teams revealed the top five sports with the most tendency to get a sports injury:

Smart Athletes Don’t Wait for a Sports Injury to See a Chiropractor

Sport # Injuries Per 100 Participants
Football 81
Wrestling 75
Softball 44
Gymnastics 40
Track & field 35


But why is it that smart – and top – athletes don’t wait for a sports injury before seeing their chiropractor?

Athletes are healthier than the general public and heal faster because their metabolism is higher and their circulation is better. Athletes are motivated to win and in peak physical conditioning. They understand their body and all the nuances of it; they could tell you that every time they get a twinge in a certain location, it means a sports injury is right around the corner if not cared for right now.

Because of this exceptional knowledge of their body, they know and understand when their body is out of alignment. Being out of alignment predisposes them to develop a sports injury and the development of pain. It’s natural for humans to try to avoid pain.

When an athlete perceives their body is out of alignment, they will make an appointment with their chiropractor before sports injuries occur. But that’s only if they are already familiar with the services of a chiropractor. Seeing your Sommerville chiropractor can increase your resilience to injuries by allowing you to recover faster between workouts, and ensuring that your spine is in proper alignment. That's why smart athletes make chiropractic a regular part of their life.

All the training and prevention in the world can not make you immune to accidents however, especially if you're engaged in a demanding, competitive sport. If you do get hurt, having a quality chiropractor who you can quickly call can make a difference between getting back to your spots efficiently or sitting on the bench for prolonged periods. Call Dr. Cordima in Somerville, MA for top-notch sports injury care and prevention.


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