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3 Surprisingly Crucial Times to See a Chiropractor

Most people associate a trip to their chiropractor with back pain or neck pain. However, there are other times when seeing your Somerville chiropractor is recommended. Here are a few:

When You First Develop Cold or Flu Signs, Go to the Chiropractor

The manipulations that a chiropractor does will strengthen the nervous system connections to the rest of your body. One of these connections goes to the immune system. Many patients notice that when they feel the first signs and symptoms of the common cold or flu, their neck also feels stiff. Because they have been to their chiropractor before, they know the feeling when the vertebrae are “stuck” or misaligned. Once they receive a chiropractic manipulation to the cervical spine, they recover rapidly from the cold or flu.

After You See Your Dentist Go To Your Chiropractor

Opening your mouth is essential for speaking, singing and eating, but keeping it open for minutes on end tenses muscles in the mouth and cervical spine. The overworking muscles can become strained and the condition can easily lead to a misalignment of the cervical vertebrae. The next time you’re scheduled for your dentist, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor immediately afterward. You’ll suffer less and be back to normal quickly.

Before You Go to the Hair Salon

It’s the tilting your head backward into the shampoo bowl that can easily misalign the vertebrae in your neck. In this very unnatural motion, necks that have arthritis, stenosis, or disc herniations are most prone to end up needing an appointment at the chiropractor afterward. As an alternative, you might try going to the chiropractor before the salon; this works well for a lot of women because it sets the alignment before the shampoo.

To stop the pain before it hits, call Cordima Chiropractic in Somerville, MA today!

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